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Hand Knitted Hat in Mixed Colours Faux Fur Pom Pom and Camper Motif

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I loved knitting this fantastic Hand Knitted Hat 

This one is a multi coloured hippy hat knitted in caron cake wool complete with a detachable faux fur pom pom and
Orange Camper Van iron on motif.

I am also knitting these with lots of different motifs to be added so if your looking for a paticular one let me know.The gorgeous faux fur pom poms would need to be removed when washing.The size of the hat is for an adult hat but I do have another one in a child size in the same colour with a different motif for sale. The hat will be sent via Royal Mail 2nd Class Delivery.

I am only able to send these to UK addresses

Also check out my website www.crossstitchchartheaven.co.uk

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